Setting Under The Cage

I presume mind’s eye, conviction and creativeness leads a local man to triumph. According to facts; Skills always demand for imagination, wills for credence on endowment and bills require your dreams into accomplishment.

Wisdom brings the intellect of your existence to endorse your knowledge. Stories reveal the challenges faced by successful ones. Question rises to one, leaving as emblem of nothingness. The ONE, who follows the trend of the social orders. These people are bound to reflect, having no right to make a decision for their line of work. They never get an opportunity to verbalize and take concrete steps for their ardour. Such people have no right to liberalize their views over their survival of fittest. The integral aspire of their being human is the shadow of others desires and requirements. I call such people marionette.

Marionette develops to illustrate the knack of fingers of the artiste. Our young ones decant in the coffer of communal norms and parental pressure. They choose to exterminate their craziness to turn into an occupation in opposition to their abilities and desires. They are fundamentally blind, completely deaf and morally dumb.

Progress requests for wisdom of mind set and to attain your objective, blow out the policies and fetch your existence into inspiration for others. Bring your feelings into act and compose your story to massive blow. Always aspire to inspire and stop crying and creeping for a miracle. There are two dimensions to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.

Lastly, commence on common sense not on sense of commons which will ultimately assist you to think higher, operate elegantly and speak effectively.

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